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Ultimate Hard Water Solution

Hard water is destroying your pipes.

Flow-Tech MAX
Flow-Tech Home MAX_edit.png

Protect your home with one small box.

Flow-Tech is on a mission to simplify how Americans deal with hard water – one home at a time. With our proven & renowned water technology, convenience and peace of mind come with protecting your home's plumbing and appliances 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Protecting your home from hard water

damage is easy as 1 - 2 - 3

1 - Consult a local, certified plumber who knows your water and the solutions that work best for people like you.

2 - Install Flow-Tech Home by a certified professional. Installation is non-disruptive and can be done in an hour. But it must be done right.

3 - Protect your home, save water, & eliminate ongoing 

maintenance. Every

Flow-Tech Home device is 100% guaranteed for life.

Left untreated, hard water will damage your home and cost you money

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Clogged pipes

The minerals in hard water are attracted to the walls of your pipes, greatly reducing flow until. You might notice this in the shower or washing dishes, but this often goes unnoticed until it is too late. 

Frank's Repair

Chris Fit

hot water heater 7.jpg

Severely damaged appliances

Heating elements often suffer the worst effects of hard water scale. The accumulated scale greatly reduces efficiency, which means cold coffee and cold showers. Eventually the damage will require that the appliances get replaced.   

Jasmine Aziz

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Higher costs

Your hot water heater will have to work harder to heat your water - costing you more money every single day. Eventually your appliances and even much of your plumbing may need to be replaced.

Iron Mike

See the power of Flow-Tech in action.

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Flow-Tech Home neutralizes the magnesium and calcium ions in your hard water, allowing them to stay in your water and go out with flow – instead of sticking to your pipes and appliances.

Choose the solution that works for you.



Whole-house solution


Prevents scale buildup


Does not remove existing buildup


Requires ongoing buying, storing & pouring of salt


Requires multiple weekly brine discharges


Soft water feels slick & slimy



Whole-house solution


Prevents scale buildup


Removes existing buildup


No maintenance required

Saves up to 150 gallons of water each week

No slick & slimy feeling


Installed in 30 minutes by your local certified plumber

100% satisfaction guarantee



Destroys pipes and fixtures


Plugs shower heads with scale

Encases faucets with scale


Leaves dishes cloudy

Decreases heating efficiency

Contributes to higher heating and electric bill

Loved by tens of thousands.

“The Flow-Tech works great and does a fantastic job eliminating scale build-up and is the best solution on the market to address hard water issues. I would recommend Flow-Tech over a softener. It is maintenance free and doesn't waste water.”

Eugene - Kansas - 2019

“We didn’t like the feel of soft water or the maintenance of a water softener. Flow-Tech MAX is a great alternative. Highly recommend!”

Marv - California - 2019

“Great product!! This is a great replacement for your salted soft water system to get rid of the hassle with salt."

Sharee - Utah - 2019


Flow-Tech Home.

Protect your plumbing system with the same technology trusted by Google, Boeing and GE.
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