The same system implemented by the world's largest organizations

From hotels and hospitals to military bases and power plants, Flow-Tech's chemical-free technology is trusted by these facilities to treat massive volumes of water.

Why? By implementing Flow-Tech, these organizations eliminate the effects of hard water, manage bacteria and biologics, protect equipment, improve the safety of their employees, and save billions of gallons of water.

What would Flow-Tech Home do

for my water in my own home?

Flow-Tech Home is the ultimate water softener alternative. Instead of regularly pouring salt into your water softener and constantly dealing with that slick and slimy feeling of soft water, Flow-Tech Home's patented technology treats all the water in your home, regardless of flow, and gets rid of your hard water problems for good–with absolutely no maintenance required!

No water softener. No more pouring salt. Just one small box installed by your local plumber.

No slime. No scale. No Salt.

No problem.

Frank's Repair Plumbing is a trusted partner of Flow-Tech Home, and has been providing solutions for homeowners throughout Amarillo for more than 65 years.

Which of these applies to you?

Tell us about the water in your home and together we'll find a solution that is right for you. 

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Protect your appliances from scale build-up

Increase energy savings on home water heating by 29%

Installed by Flow-Tech certified licensed plumbing contractors

Avoid recurring softener costs and experience a rapid ROI