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Omnipresent chemical-free water treatment technology

Transform the way you maintain your water with Flow-Tech Home, the industry's leading chemical-free water treatment technology. Flow-Tech allows for a simple, non-invasive installation, and is the technology that treats all the

water in your system – regardless of flow.

Water treatment technology that works for you

Watch how all the water in your facility's system can be treated. Using the proper testing equipment, you can measure and validate the treatment signal at any point along the fluid column, regardless of flow. Pulsing thousands of times per second, Flow-Tech's unique ability to propagate along the fluid column leaves no ion or bacterium untouched.

Where it all began.

With over 50 years combined experience, the team at Flow-Tech Systems has designed a system which increases operational efficiencies by reducing microbial contamination, scale deposition, corrosion, and potential health and safety problems.

Flow-Tech's water conditioning system uses state-of-the-art technology. It couples time-tested, proven science with an innovative proprietary induction method that allows facilities to eliminate the need for ion exchange water softeners and other chemical treatment programs, making it the ultimate green choice for water treatment. The Flow-Tech system conditions, not softens, water. It temporarily alters the ionic makeup of the water, which disallows the formation of encrusted limescale when supersaturation occurs.

Unlike other chemical and physical water treatment systems on the market, Flow-Tech Systems has invented a proprietary method of treating all of the water throughout your plumbing system, whether the water is moving or not. The system generates a weak AC current – this electrical field is conducted into the water loop header and throughout the piping network to form homogeneous calcium seed crystals that simply remain in suspension. These suspended seed crystals will eventually settle out or pass through the system without adhering to the heated surfaces.

Flow-Tech is the only system on the market that maintains measurable signal strength throughout your entire plumbing system, regardless of flow.


Scale Control

Flow-Tech relies on the basic concept of thermodynamic equilibrium of a process to control the deposit of scale. When the water in the process fluid is in a supersaturated state, normal thermodynamic conditions such as pressure drop and temperature changes can cause precipitation to occur.

This effect is generally localized in the system and, over a period of time, the constant precipitation of the solute (scale) builds and causes inefficiencies in the system. In the presence of Flow-Tech's technology, the precipitation process (formation of nucleation sites) is activated independent of the thermodynamic conditions throughout the system.

This event allows billions of small nucleation sites to form throughout the system. When super saturation occurs, these sites precipitate and form homogenous clusters that remain in suspension and do not attach to surfaces.


Ready to take your water treatment to the next level?

Flow-Tech key benefits

Maximize Appliance Efficiency

Eliminate scale formation and remove pre-existing scale to allow appliances to run at maximum efficiency

Save Water

Unlike a traditional water softener, Flow-Tech has zero water waste

Reduce Environmental Impact

Since no salt is required, you do create eco hardship like you do with the brine discharge generated with traditional water softeners

Protect Equipment

By eliminating scale you dramatically prolong the life of your water

using appliances

Eliminate Harsh Chemicals

Be preventing scale formation, Flow-Tech eliminates the need for harsh chieicals used to remove scale build-up

Obtain LEED Points

Earn credits for Water Efficiency, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation in Design.

Reduce Downtime

Increase productivity by reducing system downtime and labor spent on equipment maintenance.

Minimize Failure Points

Avoid having more moving parts than necessary.

Improve Energy Usage

Allow your system to run as it was designed to without the efficiency losses that come with scale

Discover the possibilities

Flow-Tech Home products are available exclusively through a network of over 250 fully trained and certified plumbing contractors.
  • As great as our technology is, it might not be the right solution for you. Consult with a local plumber who knows your water supply, can evaluate your home plumbing system and insure that you get a solution that is right for you.

  • Our system looks simple, but it must be installed correctly to work. Our plumbers are certified by Flow-Tech Home, which insures proper installation and qualifies you for our 100% guarantee.

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