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We're happy to answer any questions you may have. If your inquiry is not listed below, or if you're looking to continue the conversation, contact us today.

Q. How does Flow-Tech Home work?

Flow-Tech Home is an environmentally friendly and safe, water softening alternative. When installed on your plumbing system, the Flow-Tech Home system immediately begins to work. The system transmits a low frequency signal that is pulsed several thousand times per second and is propagated throughout your entire plumbing system. This electromagnetic signal reverses the charge on the minerals that are dissolved in the water. This new state forces the minerals to form tiny seed crystals that remain in suspension and are harmlessly washed away with the wastewater. 

Q. How much does the Flow-Tech Home MAX cost?

Flow-Tech MAX is only sold through licensed contractors.  Each contractor determines their pricing based on multiple factors including installation requirements and services included.  

Q. Does water conditioned by Flow-Tech Home feel like soft water?

Water conditioned by the Flow-Tech Home system will not cause that slimy or slick feel that is associated with salt softened water, yet the water will feel softer than untreated water. Soaps will lather and create suds far better than with untreated water.

Q. Will the Flow-Tech Home system affect the taste or smell of my water?

No.  Flow-Tech Home does not remove or add anything to the water, therefore it has no effect on taste or smell.

Q. Will the Flow-Tech Home system descale my plumbing system?

The Flow-Tech Home will dissolve existing encrusted lime scale that is present in your pipes. The rate at which this occurs will vary depending on the make-up of the scale and the amount of water flow in your particular home. During this descaling period it may be necessary to clean aerators, faucet screens, shower nozzles, water heater sediment filters and possibly mix valves. It is also recommended that you blowdown (drain) your water heater 6 weeks after the installation of the Flow-Tech unit.

Q. Will the hardness of my water be different after installing the Flow-Tech Home system?

Flow-Tech Home does not remove minerals from the water, it simply renders them harmless. Initial hardness may even increase as old scale is dissolved and removed from your plumbing system.

Q. Will I see spots on my dishes and shower door?

Flow-Tech Home stops scale that is formed by supersaturation, however it can’t stop spotting caused by evaporation.  If you do experience some light evaporative spotting, the spots will be much easier to remove. This spotting may be reduced or eliminated with the use of Jet Dry, Lemi Shine or a dose of vinegar with each dishwasher load.

Q. What kind of pipes does Flow-Tech Home work on?

Flow-Tech Home works with all kinds of plumbing up to 2 1/2” in diameter. However, if you have non-conductive pipes (PVC or PEX), for proper signal propagation you need to replace a short section (6 inches) with conductive piping to install the unit onto.

Q. How much power does the Flow-Tech Home MAX system use?

Consuming less than 10 watts, the MAX system utilizes very little power for optimal performance.

Q. Does Flow-Tech Home produce an EMF?

Flow Tech does produce an EMF, however it is very weak, and only extends a very short distance from the piping network. A common smart phone produces a much stronger EMF.

Q. Does Flow-Tech Home's signal interfere with Bluetooth?

No. Bluetooth operates in the Giga Hertz range and Flow Tech in the Kilo Hertz range, so they could not possibly interfere with each other.

Q. How is this system different than the systems that are commonly seen on TV?

Flow-Tech Home is a revolutionary breakthrough in physical water treatment.  Due to its proprietary induction method, Flow-Tech Home treats all of the water in your home whether the water is moving or not.  Flow-Tech generates a “protection” zone throughout your plumbing system by transmitting its signal throughout the entire system. (This can be demonstrated by your installer.) The systems that are commonly seen on TV are flow dependent.  This means that the water and the minerals within it must flow past or through their systems in order for these systems to create the temporary seed crystals.  It is important to understand that these seed crystals are formed from a charge, and as soon as they leave the installation point they start returning to their original state. This fundamental difference makes the Flow-Tech Home system exponentially superior.

Q. What is scale?

Scale is formed by minerals in the water – primarily calcium and magnesium – and forms when the water can no longer keep them in solution. It can often be seen on shower heads and faucet aerators. It also forms inside your plumbing, especially inside water heaters and other appliances that use water. It decreases your water pressure and increases your energy usage. It also causes your appliances to fail prematurely.

Q. What is hard water?

Hard water is water with a high concentration of dissolved calcium, magnesium and/or other minerals.

Q. Is hard water bad?

Calcium and magnesium are beneficial to the human body.  Flow-Tech Home keeps these minerals in suspension, so that when you drink the water, you are able to experience their benefits without the problems they can cause to your plumbing and appliances if left untreated.

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