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Top 10 Advantages of Flow-Tech Home

Updated: May 23, 2023

Tens of thousands of Americans are ditching traditional water softeners and turning to Flow-Tech Home. But why? See how homeowners across the country are solving their hard water issues and why they are choosing Flow-Tech Home.

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What is Flow-Tech Home?

If you have hard water, you know how big of a headache it can be to manage. Flow-Tech Home is a revolutionary water treatment system designed to treat all the water in your house. Not only will the Flow-Tech system eliminate limescale from occurring in your home, it will also remove existing build-up, increasing flow and efficiency. Embraced throughout the heavy industrial and commercial water treatment world, Flow-Tech Home's technology is far more effective than any other physical water treatment system on the market.

Man by flow tech monitor

In comparison to other home water treatment systems, Flow-Tech is built using self-calibrating smart technology to ensure that all the water in your home is being treated. Each system is installed by a local, certified plumber.

Top 10 Advantages of Flow-Tech Home

  1. No maintenance required. Stop moving heavy salts and chemicals associated with traditional water softeners. After installed by a Flow-Tech certified plumbing contractor, your new Flow-Tech system requires no on-going maintenance.

  2. Save money. Flow-Tech Home users eliminate the on-going costs of salt and are able to reduce detergent costs by as much as $180 per year.

  3. No slick or slimy feel. If you have a water softener, you're more than likely to know what this feels like. Get rid of it for good.

  4. Remove existing scale. Once installed, Flow-Tech will immediately begin working to dissolve any existing limescale within your plumbing system. The treated minerals form seed crystals that remain in suspension and are harmlessly washed away with flow.

  5. Prevent future scale build-up. Flow-Tech manipulates the minerals in your water to stick to each other, instead of sticking to your pipes, fixtures, and faucets.

  6. Experience the full benefit of the calcium and magnesium in your water. Water softeners eliminate these minerals from your water to prevent scale build-up. The truth is, these minerals are good for our health. Keep the minerals in your water, and give your body the nutrients it deserves.

  7. Treat all the water in your house. Compared to other physical water treatment systems or conditioners, Flow-Tech has the unique ability to send a treatment signal throughout your whole plumbing system, whether the water is moving or not.

  8. Increase energy efficiency. If you have hard water and have scale build-up throughout your plumbing system, you can have an efficiency loss as high as 40%. Flow-Tech will eliminate and prevent scale build-up throughout your home, increasing flow and efficiency, and ultimately keeping more money in your pocket.

  9. Environmentally-friendly. Flow-Tech Home was designed to be 100% environmentally-safe and eco-friendly. By eliminating the need for traditional water softeners, less salts and chemicals are being flushed into the surrounding ecosystem.

  10. Save space and reduce clutter. At 4" x 6", your new Flow-Tech Home takes up minimal space, can be mounted on any wall, and removes the need for unnecessary clutter and salt storage.

Locate your local Flow-Tech certified plumbing contractor here, and join tens of thousands of Americans switching to Flow-Tech Home to solve hard water issues.

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